Tracking and erosion tester

Corrosion probe Inc. design the tracking and erosion tester device to evaluate the material’s insulation performance in extremely corrosive conditions. It should be noted that this device is capable of applying high voltage and contaminated conditions at the same time. the tracking and erosion tester device is designed and produced in accordance with the standards of IEC 60587 in the Corrosion Probe Inc.

   Technical specifications:

  • Increase and control voltage up to 6Kv and simultaneously apply voltage to 5 samples. Simultaneous monitoring of the current density of 5 samples.
  • Create contaminated environment with specified flow rate regarding the standard criteria via the accurate peristaltic pumps without causing damage and corrosion to the test chamber.
  • Monitor and record the current density pass through the sample every 200 milliseconds and clarify the exact sample failure time (currently over 60 mA).
  • The stainless steel test chamber with a glass window for viewing inside the chamber.
  • The device is equipped with an internal suction fan to remove toxic gasses.
  • The device has an LED display showing current levels, one voltage level and one test time for the samples. 
  • The test device has timer system that terminates the test automatically after the test period.