Small Size Automatic wrapping machine

The Small Size Automatic wrapping machine designed for small size pipes. This device wrap two layers of tape on the pipes simultaneously, with a controllable overlap up to 90%. In other words, the tape wrapping machine can wrap pipes between 0.5 to 4.” The speed of wrapping by this machine is 11 times faster as compared with the manual wrapping.

The Small Size automatic wrapping machine will cover the small size gas and water pipes (household types). In this way, the tape is placed on the machine. After that, the operator sets the overlap percentage and the system will start. During the process, the machine has two arms to twist the tape and a guidance system to move the pipe starts.

In conclusion,the high speed of the wrapping the tape, the high process accuracy, the uniform tensile tension of the tape during wrapping and the uniformity of the overlap are unique features of this device.

Hand Applied Tape Wrapping Machine
delivery time: 4 days
from 750$
Apply two tapes via a semi automatic wrapping machine
Automatic Tape Wrapping machine
delivery time: 1 month
from 8000$
Apply up to two tapes automatically via a wrapping machine
Small Size Automatic Wrapping Machine
delivery time: 2 weeks
from 1980$
wrap two tapes automatically in small size pipes