hand-applied tape wrapping machine

The hand-applied tape wrapping machine can apply up to 2 layers of tape with a variable degree of overlap up to 75%. Hence, we design this device for pipes of 2 to 90 inches. Also, this device improves the overlap precision, wrapping speed and wrapping uniformity due to its design.

The tape is placed in the wrapping arm of the hand-applied tape wrapping machine.  Also, the tape brake is set for the appropriate tape tension. After that, we adjuste the percentage of overlap via three-set of double wheels and the operator starts to work.

The unique features of this device are as follows: 

  • Improves the wrapping speed for up to 8 times as compared with the manual wrapping as well as decreasing the labor to one person.
  • A hihg degree and acceptable value of the tape tension which is not considered seriously in manual wrapping.
  • Accurate, uniform and adjustable overlap.
  • lightweight and friendly use that simplify to be used for pipelines of low and medium diameter.
  • Ability to apply up to 2 layers simultaneously.

Hand Applied Tape Wrapping Machine
delivery time: 4 days
from 750$
Apply two tapes via a semi automatic wrapping machine
Automatic Tape Wrapping machine
delivery time: 1 month
from 8000$
Apply up to two tapes automatically via a wrapping machine
Small Size Automatic Wrapping Machine
delivery time: 2 weeks
from 1980$
wrap two tapes automatically in small size pipes