Automatic tape wrapping machine

To prevent corrosion, The automatic tape wrapping machine is used to automatically wrap the tape on the pipes. In this way, the tape is placed on the wrapping arm. After that, the overlap percentage is setting. Also, optimal tape tension is adjusted via a specific ape brake located in wrapping arms. The machine starts and the tape wrapping procedure begins with the minium need to the labor or operator.

This device’s unique features are the high speed of wrapping the tape, the acceptable and uniform tape tension during wrapping, constant degree of overlap and its uniformity. we can use this machine for wrapping the tape over large diameter pipes (24-90″) used. Thanks to the uniformity and high quality of the tape wrapping this device is highly recommended for buried pipelines, which are easily corroded.

The automated tape wrapping machine is also capable of wrapping two tapes simultaneously and overlapping up to 75 percent and wraps even at ±15 degrees slope. The machine is designed to be operated by a motorized system without any external electrical power.
The automatic tape wrapping machine specifications are as follows:

  • Ability to change the amount of tape overlap automatically
  • Ability to wrap two tapes simultaneously
  • This device able to control the amount and uniformity of the tape tension
  • This device able to conduct the procedure on positive and negative slope up to 15 degrees
  • Maximum lightness and user-friendliness
  • Compact and simple to use the device.
  • Decrease the labors from three to one in large size pipes.
  • Increase the wrapping speed up to 9 times faster as compared with the hand-applied wrapping.

Hand Applied Tape Wrapping Machine
delivery time: 4 days
from 750$
Apply two tapes via a semi automatic wrapping machine
Automatic Tape Wrapping machine
delivery time: 1 month
from 8000$
Apply up to two tapes automatically via a wrapping machine
Small Size Automatic Wrapping Machine
delivery time: 2 weeks
from 1980$
wrap two tapes automatically in small size pipes