Tape wrapping machine

Tape wrapping machine is the devices used to prohibit the problems of applying tape via the labors including inaccurate overlap, not enough tension, labor fatigue and decrease the cost of wrapping. The tape wrapping machines can wrap up to 2 layers of tape with a controllable degree of tape overlap of up to 75%. These devices are designed for pipes of 0.5 to 90 inches and would improve the precision, wrapping speed and wrapping uniformity due to its design. These machines are manufactured in three different categories via Corrosion Probe Inc as follows:

1- Automatic tape wrapping machines: 

This machine is used to wrapping pipes from 24 to 90 inch automaticly.

2- Hand applied tape wrapping machines:

This economic machine applies up to two tape layers for the 2 to 90 inch pipes with a semi automatic machine.

3- Automatic small size pipe tape wrapping machines :

This automatic machine is used to wrapping small size pipes from 0.5 to 4 inch pipes automaticly.