Jet Impingement system

A jet impingement system is used in the situation in which the corrosion performance of materials and corrosion inhibitor film stability should be evaluated in extremely high turbulence or high impact intensity conditions. Therefore, the jet impingement test is designed with respect to the ASTM G208 standard.

Technical Specifications of jet impingement system

  • The testing device is designed and produced in accordance with the standard ASTM G208-12.
  • The test device’s body is transparent and made of acrylic Plexiglas.
  • To monitor and control the fluid flow and fluid velocity, the jet impingement testing unit has a flowmeter and a flow control valve.
  • The device has a standard coupon holder and a PTFE jet nozzle regarding the ASTM G208 standard.
  • The unit has place of installation of the reference electrode and counter electrode for polarization test.

Wheel test
delivery time: 2 weeks
from 2700$
evaluating the inhibitor film stability in low turbulence
Rotating Cage
delivery time: 2 weeks
from 2100$
Investigating inhibitor efficiency in high turbulence
Jet Impingement
delivery time: 2 weeks
from 1900$
in-situ investigating the behavior of inhibitor in high turbulence via LPR
Top of Line (TOL)
delivery time: 2 weeks
from 1900$
Investigating the inhibitor efficiency in three phase systems