HIC test chamber

Corrosion Probe Inc. designed and produced an HIC test chamber (Hydrogen Induced Cracking) to determine metals’ resistance to cracking in the environments with H2S . Therefore, the HIC examination is carried out under the fume hood for H2S gas in compliance with the NACE TM0177 and NACE TM0284 standard requirements HIC test is performed to assess pipeline and pressure vessel resistance to cracking in the presence of hydrogen absorbed in aqueous hydrogen sulfide solution.

The specifications of the HIC test devices are as follows:

  • Transparent acrylic plexiglass cube body with internal dimensions of 300×200mm  with the height of 170mm.
  • Air and fluid sealed to prohibit H2gas exit 
  • A device with H2S gas valves (stainless steel needle valve) for gas  inlet and outlet. 
  • Equipped with fluid drain valve to collect sample from chamber. 
  • Equipped with fluid entry valve to let the pre purged test media enter the test chamber. 
  • flowmeter with precision of 100 mm min to control the flow of gas during the HIC test run.
  • A device with completely sealed H2S gas storage and  neutralization chamber
  •  Due to the large volume of the NACE TM0284 test chamber, other tests such as SCC, C-ring and Bendtests can be carried out on  the basis  of the  NACE TM-0177 standard.

Proof Ring
delivery time: 2 week
from 350$
Transparent body made of the acrylic- Plexiglas. Possibility of applying stresses up to 100,000 psi.
Alarming system and digital micrometer can be added
HIC chamber
delivery time: 1 week
from 190$
Transparent acrylic plexiglass cube body with internal dimensions of 300×200 mm with the height of 170 mm.
2 steel valve can be added
H2S Fume hood
delivery time: 2 week
from 1480 $
Fume hood is made of corrosion resistant PVC, with the dimension of 170 × 70 × 210 cm (L / W / H)
flow control panel can be added
4 point test
delivery time: 2 week
from 95 $
for use in the HIC chamber for stress cracking corrosion test and made from AISI 316 stainless steel
deflection holder can also be added