H2S Test apparatus

One of the Corrosion Probe Inc. team’s most focused areas is on H2S tests apparatus (hydrogen sulfide tests). To this end, we concentrate on the tests that determine material behavior on the presence of H2S gas. The most famous tests in this field are the Hydrogen induced cracking (HIC test) and Stress Cracking Corrosion (SCC test) through the proof ring and four-point bending test. These tests are performed regarding the NACE TM0177, NACE TM0284 and NACE TM0316. 

In addition to the test equipment, we are experienced in the facilities of the H2S laboratory as well as in the development of the H2S fume hoods. Our fume hoods are designed specifically for tests inwhich the H2S gas exsisted and its effect are studied. All piping systems are made from AISI 316 in the fume hood and all pieces are manufactured from PVC which is resistant to corrosion and H2S gas. Beyond this each fume hood has valve and gauge assembly to control the gas flow during the test. Moroever, the fume hoods are equipped with neutralization chamber to nutralize the exiting H2S gas.

Test apparatus and eqipments used in the systems with H2S gas  :

H2S lab

H2S Fume Hood

HIC test chamber

Proof ring test