Cathodic protection monitoring system

Remote cathodic protection monitoring system in Corrision Prob Inc. used to monitor cathodic protection systems. In other words, Via this device the inspector will continually monitor any changes in the current density and voltage strength of the cathodic protection monitoring system. For this purpose, it sends current density and voltage via SMS to specified mobile numbers to monitor the pipeline cathodic protection continuously and remotely.     Therefore, this method will increase the number of data logging systems, decrease the cost of human resources, inflict serious human error, and allow continuous information collection.

Furthermore,the Device thecnical specification are as follow:

  •  With this system’s ability to simultaneously track at least two current densities and two voltages.
  • Accuracy 1.0 v / Amps; within 100 V / Amp range and 1 mV / Amp accuracy; within 1 V / Amp range.
  • with this system’s ability to monitor the battery status of the unit.
  • The device has the ability to send SMS to multiple numbers simultaneously
  • Ability to change SMS sending intervals
  •  Ability to work in hot and humid environments up to 60 ° C.
  • The device is keeping in a moisture and robbery resistant chamber.
  • Equipped with solar panel and battery to operate in non-electric condition.
  • Has a SMS sending system with the help of GMS modem.

Cathodic Disbonding Tester
delivery time: 3 weeks
Apply cathodic disbonding voltage accurately and separately
Corrosion Rack Setup
delivery time: 4 days
from 400$
investigate the corrosion behavior of inhibitors in the water systems
Cathodic Monitoring monitoring system
delivery time: 3 weeks
from 980$
monitoring the cathodic protection voltage and current density remotly
Switching Power Supply
delivery time: 3 weeks
from 980$
portable and light weight device for the cathodic protection
Corrosion Coupon & Holder
delivery time: 1 week
from 6$
Vastly use to investigate corrosion in the oil, gas and water lines