Cathodic disbonding tester

Cathodic disbonding tester in Corrosion Probe Inc.  is used to evaluate the performance of the coatings in the cases in which the cathodic protection is used. The cathodic disbonding tester device has 24 outputs that can apply voltage independently in the range of 0-5 V. In other words, this design enable the operator to test different standards (different voltages at different temperatures) simultaneously. In addition, the operator can check the output voltage between the anode and cathode and between the anode and reference electrode simultaneously. This device is designed according to the DIN 30 670, DIN EN ISO 15711, ASTM G-8, ASTM G-42 standards. Technical Specifications of the cathodic disbonding test device are as follows:

  1. 24 channel is designed to test 24 samples simultaneously.
  2. 24 independent voltage in the range of 0-5 V can be applied to the samples.
  3. The current density can be monitored in each channel. 
  4. The voltage can be measured between the reference of anode  and cathode at the same time.
Cathodic disbonding analysis was used to evaluate the performance of the coatings in the case of cathodic protection design
cathodic disbonding tester
cathodic disbonding test

Cathodic Disbonding Tester
delivery time: 3 weeks
Apply cathodic disbonding voltage accurately and separately
Corrosion Rack Setup
delivery time: 4 days
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investigate the corrosion behavior of inhibitors in the water systems
Cathodic Monitoring monitoring system
delivery time: 3 weeks
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monitoring the cathodic protection voltage and current density remotly
Switching Power Supply
delivery time: 3 weeks
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portable and light weight device for the cathodic protection
Corrosion Coupon & Holder
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Vastly use to investigate corrosion in the oil, gas and water lines