Corrosion Coupon

Corrosion coupon is a cost-effective and useful way of testing the rate of corrosion in water, oil and gas equipment. In other words, this disposable component provides high accuracy for inspectors and operators in assessing the corrosion risk of the equipment. However, the use of coupons will be helpful in determining the equipment’s corrosion level and type.

Corprobe Inc. produce almost all type of popular corrosion coupons as follow:

Strip corrosion coupons

Disk and  Flush Disk coupons

Scale corrosion coupons

Wheel Test Coupons

   Strip corrosion coupon

The strip corrosion coupon is perhaps the most common type of coupon. In other words, these types of coupons have the highest levels of contact compared to other coupons, and mechanisms of corrosion and weight loss are much more visible due to high levels of contact. Commonly, its dimensions are as below:

Strip type( 3 inch):

76.2 x 19 x 3.2 mm (3 x 1 x 1/8 inches). Usually these coupons have two mounting holes which provides a good surface contact with the corrosive

Environment . The surface area of these coupons are about 3000 mm².

Strip type( 2 inch or china type):

50.8 x 19 x 3 mm (3 x 1 x 1/8 inches). Typically such coupons have two mounting holes and the surface area is about 2000 mm².

Strip type ( 3 inch narrow type):

The narrow style coupons are used in situations where the pipe size does not permit the common strip coupons. This coupons has the dimension of  76.2 x 12.7x 1.6 mm (3 x ½ x1/16 inches).




   Disk and  Flush Disk corrosion coupons

   Disc Coupons

Industries use such coupons to simulate the fluid movement in the pipe wall and their dimensions are  31.8 dia. x 3.2 mm (1.25 x 1/8 inches). The effective contact surface is 1700 mm².To analyze different phases, multi-phase systems use multi-coupon accesorries.

   Flush Disk corrosion coupons

Industries use this type of coupon for ways that the regular strip corrosion coupons can not be used for example in the situations in which the line flow interrupted due to the coupon insertion. Their standard size is 31.8 3.2 mm (1.25 1/8). “In these coupons, the maximum contact volume is 1500 mm².

   Scale corrosion coupons

Such forms of coupons are commonly used in pipes that are likely to form sediments to evaluate the deposition velocity and type of sediment. In other words, they can also typically use to determine the time required for pigging intervals. In general, these coupons have two rows of holes.


scale coupon

coupon (2)


   Wheel Test Coupons

In addition, industries can use this type of coupons in wheel test machine with the commandeered dimension of 75.4×12.5×0.127 mm (3 × ½ × 0.005 inch) regarding the NACE 1D182 standard.


 Corrosion coupons are usually made from low-carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze,brass, and inconel.

Corrosion probe industries, however, declares its readiness to design and build coupons on the purchaser’s order with other products.

Other coupon properties

Coupons may have two roughness levels as the request:

1- blasted with roughness of 0.6 to 1.4 micrometer.

2- Polished with roughness of 0.2 to 0.6 micrometer.

  • All coupons have a laser hacked code and coupon code on the body.
  • All coupons are annealed before cutting to eliminate the cold work .
  • These coupons are produced by water and wire cut and are not punched.
  • These coupons are carefully weighted ( 0.0001 gr) and then packed up in the VCI bags.
  • coupons are packed in double layer (VCI bag) and have one year expiration date.

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