proof ring chamber in H2S Tests Lab - Corrosion Probe Inc.

Proof ring test system

To evaluate the resistance of metallic parts during the Stress Cracking Corrosion (SCC) test in the H2S environment, Corrosion Probe Inc. manufactures and supplies proof ring. Proof ring and related […]

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HIC test chamber - Corrosion Probe Inc.

HIC test chamber

Corrosion Probe Inc. designed and produced an HIC test chamber (Hydrogen Induced Cracking) to determine metals’ resistance to cracking in the environments with H2S . The HIC examination is carried […]

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h2s fume hood - Crossion Probe Inc.

H2S Fume Hood

The H2S fume hood is designed and manufactured to perform proof ring and HIC tests in a safe environment in the existence of the H2S gas flow. The least toxic […]

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HIC test chamber- corrosion Probe Inc.

H2S test apparatuses

One of the Corrosion Probe Inc. team’s most focused focus area is on hydrogen sulfide tests. To this end, we concentrate on the tests that determine material behavior on the […]

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