switching power supply - Corrosion Probe Inc.

Switching Power supply

Impressed current cathodic protection systems have the benefit of using an external power supply to drive current. This makes it possible to protect virtually any structure, regardless of the size or […]

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Corrosion Rack test in temperatures and pressures - Corrosion Probe Inc.

Corrosion Rack Test

In this method, known as the Rack Test, with the help of a simulated track, corrosion rates are determined at a wide range of temperatures and pressures with the help […]

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cathodic disbonding test-Corrosion Probe Inc.

Cathodic Disbonding Tester

Cathodic disbonding test is used to evaluate the performance of the coatings in the cases in which the cathodic protection is used. The cathodic disbonding testing device has 24 outputs […]

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