rotating cage setup - Corrosion Probe Inc

Rotating Cage setup

The rotating cage test is one of the leading laboratory methods for determining corrosion inhibitors behavior. Several coupons are placed on a stirring rod on this device between two fixed-distance […]

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wheel test machine to test behavior of corrosion inhibitors - Corrosion Probe Inc.

wheel test machine

The wheel test machine is used to test the behavior of corrosion inhibitors in the laboratory to simulate the corrosion behavior of pipes water, oil, and fluid -containing pipes with […]

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Rotating cage setup for corrosion inhibitors behavior - Corrosion Probe Inc

inhibitor test apparatus

The fundamental focus of the Corrosion Probe Inc. is the manufacturing of the laboratory and industrial equipment used in the analysis of materials ‘ corrosion behavior. Products related to testing for corrosion in the environments containing corrosion inhibitors  are as follows: wheel test machine Rotating cage test Jet Impingement test Top […]

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