• tracking and erosion test - Corrosion Probe Inc.

    Tracking and Erosion Tester

    The tracking and erosion test device designed to evaluate the material’s insulation performance in extremely corrosive conditions. It should be […]

  • automatic tape wrapping machine - Corrosion Probe Inc.

    Tape Wrapping machine

    Tape wrapping machine is the devices used to prohibit the problems of applying tape via the labors including inaccurate overlap, […]

  • scale corrosion coupon - Corrosion probe Inc.

    Corrosion Coupon

    Corrosion coupons are a cost-effective and useful way of testing the rate of corrosion in water, oil and gas equipment. […]

  • HIC test chamber- corrosion Probe Inc.

    H2S test apparatuses

    One of the Corrosion Probe Inc. team’s most focused focus area is on hydrogen sulfide tests. To this end, we […]

  • Rotating cage setup for corrosion inhibitors behavior - Corrosion Probe Inc

    inhibitor test apparatus

    The fundamental focus of the Corrosion Probe Inc. is the manufacturing of the laboratory and industrial equipment used in the analysis of materials ‘ corrosion behavior. Products related to testing for corrosion in the environments containing corrosion inhibitors  are as follows: […]

H2S testing devices

Inhibitor testing devices

Corrosion Coupon

strip coupon - Corrosion probe Inc.

Strip Coupon

The strip corrosion coupon is perhaps the most common type of coupon. These types of coupons have the highest levels of contact compared to other coupons, and mechanisms of corrosion and weight loss are much more visible due to high levels of contact. 

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